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Twins & More Birth Stories

Abigail and Hannah's Births
Twin Pregnancy, One Posterior, Vaginal Delivery
as told by mom Sine Kincaid

Annabel's and Isadora's Births
Twins, Homebirth, Vaginal Delivery after long labor
as told by mom Genevieve

Bailey Joseph & Bradley Dakota
Twins, premature at 32 weeks, one vaginal birth, one emergency C-Section
as told by mom Mindy Carpenter

Colby's and Keegan's Births
Twin Pregnancy after Infertility Treatment, Scheduled C-Section
as told by mom Cori German

Crystal & Amber's Births
Twins, C-section at 35 weeks after a complicated pregnancy due to mother's high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and mild stroke. One baby has a heart problem discovered during pregnancy.
as told by mom Jamie

Kaitlyn's and Justin's Births
Twin pregnancy, High Blood Pressure, Pre-eclampsia, Induced with Pitocin, Vaginal Delivery at 35 Weeks
as told by mom Robin

Lillian's and Benjamin's Births
Full-term twin birth, Induction, Vaginal Delivery, Epidural
as told by mom Amie


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