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Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) and Attempted/Planned For VBACs

Bradley's Birth
Fifth child, fourth vaginal birth after cesarean, natural birth, short labor (two hours)
as told by mom Isabell Kazich

Brandon's Birth
Homebirth VBAC After 48 Hours of Labor
as told by mom Lauri Smit

Elisheva's Birth
Overdue Pregnancy, Homebirth VBAC (HBAC)
as told by mom Yael Malfatto

Katie's Birth
Pitocin Induced, Epidural, Vaginal Delivery After Cesarean
as told by mom Tracy Taylor

Kent Andrew's Birth
Homebirth Following Four Cesareans
as told by mom Vyckie

Sierra's Birth
VBAC, Vaginal Delivery by Dad, with Pitocin, Epidural
as told by mom Cami Caudill

Steven's Birth
Homebirth After Two Cesareans (HBAC)
as told by mom karen

Attempted/Planned For VBAC But Had C-Section:

Fox's Birth
After months of planning for a VBAC, an emergency C-section becomes necessary due to concerns about the baby's heart rate.
as told by mom Celia

Katya's Birth
Planned for VBAC, C-Section Delivery
as told by mom Shari

Korey John's Birth
26 Hour Labor With Attempted VBAC, Cesarean Birth
as told by mom Alana

Mia's Birth
Attempted VBAC, Uterine Rupture, C-Section Delivery, Mom & Baby Are Fine
as told by mom Mandy


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