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Amy and Zachary Austin
Pre-eclampsia, Bedrest, Induction at 36 weeks, C-Section Delivery

After a really easy first two trimesters, I ran into big problems. At my 6 month check, they discovered that my blood pressure was up, and I was starting to swell. Since it was too late in the day to do lab work, they told me to come back the next day for a blood test. They also told me to go ahead and quit work because I probably would be off my feet for while. The next afternoon, I went back. I was complaining of a severe headache so they took my blood pressure. It was sky high. My nurse called my doctor, who was on hospital rounds that week. She told me to check into labor and delivery immediately. I spent the weekend in the hospital being poked and prodded. They thought I had diabetes also. I didn't thank goodness.

On Sunday, they sent me home because my pressure was back down. They told me to see my doctor on Monday. When I saw my doctor next, she had just gotten the results from the rest of my tests from the hospital. She immediately called a perinatologist in Portland. She said the good news was that I could go home tonight; the bad news was that in the morning, I had to check into the hospital and to plan to be there until my baby was born. At the hospital, they told me they hoped I could make it to 28 weeks. Four days later, they sent me home. By some miracle, my symptoms went away. No one knows why.

I had to remain on bedrest for the next 10 weeks, with weekly visits to the doctor. I wasn't allowed to do anything. They decided to induce at 36 weeks. They started the induction at 7:30 Tuesday morning using misoprostol. By 3:30, they decided I was ready for pitocin, but they were going to wait until the morning so I wouldn't have to be pushing in the middle of the night and could get some rest. They gave me secanol and morphine to sleep. The morphine made me very sick, and I spent the night in labor anyway. In the morning my labor had stopped so they started the pitocin. They kept upping the amount, but it never really helped me go into more active labor. Finally they turned it off and started miso again. Anyway this went on for the rest of the evening and into the night.

On Thursday, they started pitocin again. Things seemed to be going well. I was in hard labor, but I wasn't dilating. Eventually they had to turn the pitocin off because they baby was going into distress. On Friday morning, they finally broke my water and things really took off. As soon as I got the epidural, I went right to sleep. Around 3:30, it was finally time to push. An hour and a half later, we weren't progressing. A specialist was brought in. He tried suction and forceps but neither worked. After three hours of pushing, they decided I was too small and he was stuck, do I was prepped for a c-section. Zachary Austin was born at 7:48pm on Friday August 22, 84 hours after our little adventure began. He weighed in at 7 lbs 3 oz ~ pretty good for a preemie. After everything is said and done, it was worth every minute of the three months of hell.


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