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Struggling With the Holidays

Despite the joy of the holiday season, it's not so merry for many people. If you're struggling through the holidays due to infertility, loss, baby in intensive care, or other reasons, please don't feel alone. We have several articles to help . . .

The Holidays and NICU
Getting through the holidays when your newborn is in the hospital can be so difficult. It's hard enough to go home empty-handed; trying to deal with the holidays as well can be a real strain. Here are some ideas from parents who have spent various holidays in the NICU with their babies. [Click Here]

Infertility - Getting Through the Holidays When You Don't Feel Like Celebrating
In a season where a premium is put on family togetherness, what do you do when your family is not yet complete? Here are a few tips for surviving, and even enjoying, the season. [Click Here]

Surviving Christmas When You're Grieving
Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's - celebrations that bring families together. A time to appreciate friends, God, family and the gifts of life. They also serve as reminders of who will not be with us when our family comes together. If you're struggling this holiday season, we have several articles with coping tips:
  •  Coping With Holidays and Celebrations
  •  Creating New Traditions
  •  Remembering during the holidays
  •  Coping with the holidays
  •  A Calendar to Help Ease the Bereaved Parent Through the
  .   Holidays
~ a suggestion for each day of December
  •  How do you sign your holiday cards?

Tough Holidays Personal Stories
As the holidays approach each year, many of us are reminded of missing family members, promises broken, arguments with those we love, estrangement, lost dreams... Holidays are supposed to be a time of celebration and love. We work hard to create that atmosphere both at home and with our friends. Sometimes things get in the way. Sometimes we are lonely. Sometimes the problems are just too big. Writing about them is a way to give them respect and validation. Writing helps put them aside for a few days, and often aids in healing. Whether your holidays are blurred because of big problems or small ones, we invite you to write about them. We hope that writing your story may help you... we know it will help others. Read what others have to say, and share your story. On our Exploring Womanhood site. [Click here]

A warm and gentle holiday to you from StorkNet



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